Retail Shop Managers Congress Event for E-Plus
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DAILY BREAD is a creative agency

architected to high-perform in the rapidly changing conditions of the digital age.
what we do
Consulting, creation and production in strategic live communication, content development, experience marketing, corporate events, motion picture, digital interaction, social software and high-touch technologies.
how we do it
By redefining the full-service live communication agency; we’re enabling barriers to become liquid because brilliant communication has to flow.

Daughter tries to sneak out family home dressed up for a party.
Showcase concept development and software programming Dirk Hardenbicker Röntgen Museum
Software engineer of smart metering software company NES, gives a demonstration at OSGP tradefair booth.
KNOW!HOW software by DAILY BREAD to drive innovation with internal communication

Hunt for corporate treasure

A new world is unfolding before our eyes. New goals are demanding new ways of managing.
The ability to compete more than ever depends on the ability to innovate agile and effectively.

Participants at medical education congress check polling results at tablets
Swisscom . Concepting and Production of Viral YouTube Clip Marketing Campain
Digital publishing motion design_thumb

Digital Publishing ° Pic with a Twist

Trend coming in digital publishing: click the picture to find out

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Avero Achmea | Corporate Event Co-Creation Workshop
Retail managers discussing their experiences during inspiration tour through Holland
Opel Adam Introduction
Corporate Social Media | Daily Bread Digital
Moët Hennessy Jubilee Visual
KPN | Manegement Congress | Interactive Broadcasting
Volkswagen AG | Trade Show | young fan 400x266
High-Touch Technology : Table Projection for Gala Dinner
Allianz | Show
Randstad | Jubilee Global Events . France employees dance in office