Digital Transformation Consultant

Digital Transformation Daily

In less than an era digital has become the new normal. Many marketing and communication professionals however lack the time to gain insights and develop decisive knowhow.
DAILY BREAD understands ‘full-service communications agency’ in the digital era as having the capability to advise in the field of digital opportunities, possibilities and pitfalls and to develop and supply creative technologies in house. We’re living digital daily.

Daily Bread people are all trained in the basics of digital technologies and digital transformation. Client whishes, ideas and visions can therefor be translated smoothly into digital solutions.

Daily Bread’s digital creatives and coders are able to deliver tailor made digital applications and services quickly and for a reasonable price.
We offer a productline of white label apps, social software and digital services. Plug-and-play applicable in corporate communication projects like events, conference, meeting or tradeshows. From traditional guest-management and personalised mailing, to pop-up webshop, event magazine, paywall-as-a-service, corporate social media, bigdata analyser, inhouse webcasting, educational congress back-end software system, conference speaker toolbox, employee engagement platform and real time polling.

Daily Bread’s Datability Thinking gives clients full control over uploaded, transferred and collected data, without any dependency on third parties. Privacy by design and dataprotection as a standard


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