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DAILY BREAD has roots in the TV- and film industry and is offering executive production of spots in advertising,
film for corporate events and viral video for social media marketing as part of the agency portfolio.
Live, on set and in the studio, creating stories in motion media that engage audiences.
With the Corona pandemic unfolding, and it’s steep raise in demand of digital broadcasting services,
equipment and tools, it didn’t take much to set up the

Daily Bread Stream Team

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And … Action

Product Launch . Press Release . Social Shopping . Sales Training

With our dedicated live streaming team you can bring any event to your target groups and connect.
Our agency is known for development of engaging communication formats and flawlessly producing them.

Educational Congress . Design Sprint . Stakeholder Meeting . Kick Off

In a studio we select for you, at an extraordinary venue or in your office building, we stage your stories.
Sparking engagement that makes one forget corona, for a moment.
Your digital gateway to colleagues, employees, customers, prospects or sales teams.

Board Meeting . Employee Incentive . News Format . Virtual Showroom

We can take care full-service, from speaker coaching, make-up and catering, to camera’s, cables,
audio and lighting system. From developing an event-format, narrative and content, to video direction
and post-production. Story-board, technical drawing, stage design, equipment or software programming.

We build you a livestream eco-system

As one-stop-shop or as set of selected services and tools, fitting to your needs.
The livestreaming website can be branded along your whishes, from invitation to afterparty.

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Daily Bread StreamTeam

Friendly, open, flexible, professional.

No frills pricing.

PHONE : +49 202 282 5180

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Your Content . You Rule

Share everything with everyone as much as you can, or keep it in the firm – it’s up to you.

We offer a local online platform to publish livestreams, where private can stay private and corporate-interns
can stay in the house. Employee chat, corporate know-how, CRM-data, training documents, pictures and presentations.
No datasharing with third parties, no smallprint with exceptions. A unique possibility to become legal stewardship
over your data, which is more than GDPR-conform (DGSVO). Servers hosted in Europe.

When you want to reach as much people as possible, our social media experts will take care
and distribute your content on all channels – or we develop material with the potential to go viral.

Streaming doesn’t have to be full-live.

We can record the event programm partly before the streaming date and edit material.
While broadcasting, we can mix in live components.
To create better results, we advise to organise live backchannels and feedback.
Ask for our expert quicktime editing service.

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PHONE : +49 202 2825180


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Concept . Storytelling . Content Creation . Set Design . Direction . Project Management . Guest Invitations . Moderated Chat . Edutainment . Talk Show . Quiz . Sales Training . Breakout Rooms . News format . Cultural Side Program

Live Streaming Studios |
Stage Design . Moodboard . Technical Planning . Safe Venue Concept . Streaming Equipment . Video Direction . Live Audio Recording . Encoding . Advising & Consulting

Streaming Platform |
Agency cloud . GDPR DGSVO conform . Servers in Germany . White Label . Full HD . High Quality Stream . Video Broadcast . Audio Stream Mix . Content Delivery Networks . Audience Response . Webinar . Webcast



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