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DAILY BREAD Communications

is an independent strategic and creative communications agency architected to deliver steady high-performance in the rapidly changing conditions of the digital age.

What we do
Consultancy and advisory; concept, creation and design; planning, management and production; evaluation and optimization in live communication, content development, experiential marketing, corporate event, conference, trade show, exhibition, brand world, workshop, live product experience, motion media, data, digital, social software and engaging technologies.

DAILY BREAD strenghtens your business to communicate independently in a highly connected world.

Based in Germany, with offices in Berlin, Wuppertal and Amsterdam (The Netherlands), working all over Europe for firms, organisations and other agencies from all over the world.

How we do it

By erasing lines: between above and below the line, off- and online.
By opening walls: around disciplines, departments, offices, cultures and countries.
By putting our multidisciplinary and holistic approach to your service.
There’s no inside or outside the box, DAILY BREAD is liquid, DAILY BREAD is unbox.
Because genuine creativity can’t be siloed and effective communication has to flow.

Digital Transformation Daily

DAILY BREAD lives the values of the digital age: agility, coworking, lean, canvas & scrum, design thinking and sharing. We are digital pioneers ourselves.
At the same time long trusted, benefit assuring values like stability, long-term commitment, solidness, responsibility, restraint, privacy, data protection. intellectual property, experience and collegiality are kept kicking and alive.

We believe in a period of transition success is defined by the ability to build bridges and remix good old with right new. By coupling an entrepeneurial spirit and experimental mindset with proven methods and sound execution. Ensuring digital disruption as an enabler and optimiser, not a problem.

That’s the way we work at DAILY BREAD. That’s the attitude you get when DAILY BREAD works for you.

We’re confident our working method offers both a stable and agile structure for our clients to succesfully adress the opportunities and challenges of these modern times.


Get in touch

We speak German, English, Dutch and some French, Italian and Spanish.

sent a short note to connect(at)daily-bread.eu
call +49 (0) 202 282 5180 and leave a message.

The Dutch Way: drinking a cup of coffee together just to get to know each other, without any obligation or expectation.


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