Social Relationship Building

CRM as we know it, is changing. Customer Relationship Management goes social and transforms to Social Relationship Building. The new kids in town are conversational commerce and audience engagement.

"To Jacksonville" = Sales. | "To Mom's for Christmas" = Marketing. | Image by Advertising Agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Marketing and Sales Alignment

The distinction between marketing and sales is becoming fuzzier by the day. For example, social selling and content marketing both depend on sharing content strategically with an audience. The only difference is where that audience is in their buying journey.


Mixed Reality Enhancing Customer Journey

join me on the mission of making aftersales sexy

Dr. Mark Leach, Global Head of Aftersales Communication for BMW and Mini


Favorite Christmas Advert 2016

We wish you peaceful winter holidays and a splendid jump into the new year.


Pokémon GO | Marketing Opportunities

Overnight Pokémon GO has taken augmented reality from a niche market to the mass. For brands and causes that means, the virtual street game has taken A.R. into a viable communications platform.


Moving Print

Trend in digital billboard publishing: click image to find out


Royal Home Video

Inspiration | Hilarious mother’s day campaign video for The Body Shop.

Social Software by DAILY BREAD to drive innovation with internal communication

Agility Now! … Innovate! … Disrupt!

A new world is unfolding before our eyes, demanding new ways of leadership. Competitive power depends more than ever on the ability to innovate effectively.


Social Fanwork

DAILY BREAD’s creative tech lab has developed a corporate social media marketing tool.

Digital Transformation Consultant

Digital Transformation Daily

In less than an era digital has become the new normal. Many marketing and communication professionals however lack the time to gain insights and develop decisive knowhow.


new app find things

Not on the market yet, but almost ready for shipping: TILE – a new app that enables you to find things, anything.


driving statement

Take a look twice – and get it.


Wi-Fi balloons float to target group

Wi-Fi broadcasting devices, installed in funny designed balloons. Floating in a shopping center the ballons did attract the allways busy Korean shoppers to digital interaction via their smart phones to visit an online shopping platform e-markt.

Campaign | Ladies powder room hack for MINI

Compliments to the creators! Hilarious good idea. Guerilla marketing campaign to raise awareness that one shouldn’t make up and drive – for MINI

we will finish the race |chapeau|

Cover Boston Magazine May 2013, the week after the attack, directed by Liz Noftle.

Uncommented brave, Obama’s strong wordings and a beautiful visual, shot by New York photographer Mitchell Feinberg.


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