Tesla is replacing Salesforce with its own CRM software, do you have to do too?

Tesla is set to abandon Salesforce for a proprietary customer-relationship-management (CRM) system,
Volkswagen plans to develop 60% of coding in-house by 2025 and Lyft, a competitor of Uber, is also programming its own marketing automation solution. Is there a trend away from big US software service providers?

The reason given by Tesla employees is “Tesla’s decision to develop its own CRM system aligns with its desire for vertical integration and continues a trend toward making its own software for internal functions rather than using third-party systems.

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess anounced that the global leader in carmaking wants to be independent in the field of software.

Lyft blogged that by automating routine decisions, they can scale efficiently and create a data-driven learning system. This also lets marketers concentrate on innovation and experimentation instead of operational activities. Lyft’s goal is to build a marketing automation platform to improve cost and volume efficiency while enabling the marketing team to run more complex, high-impact experiments.

Lyft blog on marketing automation

Are Tesla, Volkswagen and Lyft initiating the beginning of a turnaround in the market?

Who wants standard?


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